it all started back in 2015 when

a girl from Birmingham (UK) who was living in a foreign land (Abu Dhabi) thought it would be a good idea to try to bring people together to do fun activities.

She thought long and hard about it but decided against the idea because, well, who would want to join her group anyway? Her mum (who is always right of course!) also told her to concentrate on other things. So that's what she did.

Until one day she was reading a book (Dare to Win by Hansen & Canfield) which said that you have to find your purpose and achieve goals which are in line with your purpose in order to feel fulfilled in life. Hmm...thought the girl, so what is my purpose?

She felt very upset, "what on earth am I going to do without a purpose?". And then something miraculous happened (exactly 30 minutes later on the way to work!). She had a light bulb moment!

"Eureka!" she exclaimed (to herself!)     

"I know what my purpose is!"

"it's the thing that i do well, that brings me joy and contentment and that i would do even if i weren't getting paid"

The girl had been organising events and getaways and bringing people together since she was much younger... And thus Abu Dhabi Bucket Listers was born...

Have you ever thought of the things you'd like to do in Abu Dhabi but never quite gotten round to actually doing them? Do you ever find yourself saying "I'd love to try something new"? We are a group of go-getters who love to meet new people and discover places or events.

Our mission is to embrace and discover Abu Dhabi and just have lots of fun with it! Meeting like minded people along the way for continued friendships and an extended community.

We have a variety of events lined up from Scottish dancing, making a music video, educational seminars, film festivals, language and culture classes and joining up with other groups for things like poetry slam, open mic night and debates. We focus on events that are of cultural interest, unique experiences and learning new skills.

All members are encouraged to suggest new events and to co-host (if they would like to). If you are looking for new fun events and to meet like minded people then Abu Dhabi Bucket Listers is the group for you!

The Escapology Collective is an extension of Abu Dhabi Bucket Listers. It focuses on travel and pilates but the core values are still the same- to open doors, have fun and introduce people to new experiences.

so we welcome you with open arms to The escapology collective as your presence and your successes are our dreams come true...