the Collective family have a great, positive attitude. it was great to travel and share experiences with them. thanks for organising a great weekend!
— Tonia, Australia

there was a lot of choice and variety of things to do and we met lots of nice like-minded people
— Eunice, England
7 emirates in a day.PNG
lovely group of people
— Adrienne, Philippines

it was really great to meet people from different cultures and share our different points of view and learn about their culture but also learn about the local culture too. it was a really eye-opening experience
— Ignas, Lithuania
— frank, Jordan

it was nice to taste local food and it really fit in with the whole theme of the trip
— Jacqui, England

the Collective is so passionate, energetic and enthusiastic! it really makes you more excited and you enjoy the experience more
— Kasia, Poland

i was so happy to hear of the health benefits of the hot springs that i went back again during my free time
— Toya, America


great session today! A good experience and looking forward to other activities.
— Jennifer, Australia
nice group....great people....lots of fun
— Shubham, India
Always a great group of people
— Johanna, Malaysia